Dear basstrombone lovers.

We live currently in a terrible worldwide pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus.
We already postponed from 2020 our biannully DBTO to 2021.

Sadly enough it is not yet over.

We discussed possibilities with the current teachers and
we all agreed that we would like to have the DBTO as normal as possible and
we thought it wise to skip 2020 in total so we will have a new opportunity in 2022 (sept)

Ben van Dijk summarised it as followed:

“The DBTO with all these Covid19 restrictions will not be what the event is all about.
Yes, with in the center of everything our beloved, most important, gorgeous sounding, champion of all instrument,
the basstrombone,
the event is also about having a great socializing time where we have breakfast,
coffee, lunch, tea, diner and an afterconcertbar together without social distance etc etc.”

As soon as we have new dates we will post this on our website and our social media accounts.
all subscriptions are cancelled (and refunded!)
If any questions you know how to reach us.

With pain in our basstrombonehearts we greet you and hope you all stay safe and healthy!
And we hope to see you all (and more) in 2022!

Bert & Marcel

DBTO 2016, Akoesticum Ede
Yamaha Musical instrument
Yamaha Music Europe Supporter Dutch Bass Trombone Open 2022
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